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Please Join Me in This Journey

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Great things never came from comfort zones. To say I am getting out of my comfort zone in 2020 is a major understatement. I am an introvert in every sense of the word. Sure, I know how to engage in a crowd and meet new people, but as an introvert I am being forced to get out of my comfort zone. So, here goes!

I am not good at talking about what it is that I have been working so hard on. I am not good at asking people for help, but I am going to get better at doing both in 2020 because the only way my goals are going to be reached for the girls that I am so passionate about, is asking for help. Asking for volunteers. Asking for donations. Asking for advice. Asking my friends and family to help me get the word out.

So, I have served myself one last piece of pie going into 2020 and that's humble pie. It is with great humility that I share with you the three exciting things I am working to accomplish in 2020. I am sharing them with you because none of them can be done without help from my friends and family. These three goals include the distribution of our Beauty in Everything Box, publishing my book, and hosting the Beauty in Everything Tour. These three things have been in the works for nearly a year and I am so deeply passionate about all three. Let me explain.

The most important of my three projects…the Beauty in Everything Box. This is a box girls can have sent to their home or picked up at selected pickup locations, filled with basic hygiene and feminine essentials, hygiene tips and inspirational messages. At the Beauty in Everything Foundation, we understand not all girls have access to proper hygiene items or simply can’t afford them; we are changing that. Not having access to proper essentials can impede children’s ability to learn and can contribute to social, emotional, and behavioral problems. This is completely unacceptable to us. We believe so much in #nogirlleftbehind. Here’s where I need you. We are getting donations and sponsors left and right, but we can never have enough. I need each of you to direct girls that you know, who face these adversities, to our website to sign up for our free box. Within the week we will have an option on our website for our supporters to purchase a box at cost to donate to a girl. We will provide a note in the box with the donor's name. Bottom line, it takes a village and I need each of you in my village.

The second most important goal for 2020 is the Beauty in Everything Tour. The Beauty in Everything Tour is a fun and powerful event that we will host in Kansas City on Saturday, April 18th. This event is designed to inspire and empower girls in our community. The Tour will offer a powerful and fun speaker that will penetrate the hearts of the girls in attendance. In addition, girls will experience inspiring and empowering activities and will learn the power of kindness, gratitude and healthy friendships and will be given the tools they need to overcome the social pressures that could inhibit their potential. We need so much help with this event. We need volunteers, we need more warriors on our planning committee, we need donations and additional sponsors to ensure every girl in attendance leaves inspired and empowered.

And last but not least…the project that I have been working so passionately on, my book, We’re Stars, and We’re Beautiful. This project tugs at my heart strings…not because I feel adequate to write a book. In fact, NOT. AT. ALL. But what I do feel, is deeply passionate about inspiring girls to THRIVE and understand their potential. This book has been a labor of love and passion for me. It’s my solution to reach as many girls as possible; to inspire them to be courageous in the pursuit of what sets their soul on fire. I want girls to understand the power that lies in kindness and gratitude, I want them to understand that when we lose ourselves in serving others (i.e. volunteering & putting others above ourselves), we discover our own lives and our own happiness. I want them to understand the importance of gratitude and how it can lead to a major mind makeover. I want girls to be confident and courageous, to let go of perfectionism and to know they are gosh dang warriors; capable of accomplishing what their heart desires. That’s why I wrote this book.

Luckily for my readers, I have a great team of editors, proofreaders, and a literary agent who are helping me through the process of publishing my book, because I am not afraid to admit, I couldn’t do it alone.

Thank you to everyone who has already asked how they can help. Thank you for those who have reached out, donated and volunteered to get our boxes out and volunteered to help at the event. I am still responding to requests, so if you haven’t heard back from me, you will. I promise.

Also, I am so excited to announce a fun giveaway that the Beauty in Everything Foundation just announced. We are partnering with the amazing, Allison Jacobson, with A. Jacobson Designs to offer one girl a complete bedroom makeover. We are accepting nominations from the friends and family of deserving girls in our community and will be announcing the winner on January 27th. Please visit www.beautyineverything.org for details and to nominate a deserving girl.

I am so grateful to my friends and family for the support, encouragement and excitement for this journey I am taking in 2020.

Happy New Year!

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