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We're Stars and We're Beautiful

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Do you believe you were uniquely created? Do you believe that you were put on this earth for a purpose? A purpose much larger than anything you can ever imagine. You were and I am here to help you see your worth. We are stars and we are friggin beautiful, ladies. Each and every one of us!

Hi Stars

Welcome to my blog. I am so happy you stopped by and thanks for taking time out of your day to drop in. I always welcome emails and love connecting with my readers. My posts won't be just posts...they will be a way to connect with each of my readers. You can be sure to catch a glimpse of what my girls experience every day. A lot of silliness, dancing, singing, life lessons, discussions about how dang amazing each of you are and I will even let you see the passionate Maltese side of me. My husband and girls will tell you that can be good and bad. (Insert wink). You can read more about me below and what this blog is all about.

Do you believe you were uniquely created? Do you believe that you were put on this earth for a purpose? A purpose much larger than you can ever imagine. You were and I am here to help you see your worth. I want this blog to be the mirror to help you see a little bit clearer.

It's simple girlfriends...I know a lot of girls, young ladies, little cita's, who don't have a lot of guidance in their life and some do, they just don't always like listening to their mother's. Some girls don't have moms, or have moms who are absent, some girls are going through the foster system without a motherly figure who loves them and cares for them. Some are being raised by dads, grandpa's, or other family members. Some are being raised by incredible mothers or by single-mother's, dad's, and grandparents who are working their tail ends off to provide. Whatever your case is, I want to offer you a place to come, to read, to laugh, to learn.

For those of you who don't have moms at all or don't have active moms, I want you to know that I am not just Mamacita to my girls...I am here to be Mamacita to you as well and no matter what you are going through, no matter how good or bad you have it at home, I am here for you always. Like a sounding board, a little extra direction in your life. I want to add this...if you are being raised by a dad or granddad who is absolutely rocking it, be sure to give them an extra hug tonight and know that I know a lot of dad's and granddad's who are raising girls alone and they are amazing. I also know that sometimes girls just need moms at certain times in their lives.

My girls tell me that I give them too many life lessons, but someday they will appreciate it. I believe being a mother is a HUGE responsibility and I don't take it lightly. It's not our jobs as moms to just be our daughter's friend, we are mom's first and with that sometimes comes the tough conversations, the disciplining at times, the guiding light here on earth. However, my girls will tell you that I love them madly and I promise to love each of you madly as well. My girls know that they can come to me anytime, anywhere, with any circumstance and I will be there for them, without judgement, to help them through it. I also tell my girls that they will make mistakes, I hope they do, that's how we learn and no matter how big the mistake, I will be there for them always to help them through it. I will take this same motherly approach with each of you. So, I am glad you are here!

What you can expect to read about and experience through my blog

So, here's the down low...I hope that after each post, you feel inspired and encouraged. I hope you feel invincible and confident. I hope you feel like one incredible and beautiful young lady, because you are. I am going to give you the tools to overcome the unique social pressures that could inhibit your potential. Some of the topics we will cover will include:

  • Inner Beauty (the most important beauty)

  • Kindness (there is power in kindness)

  • Confidence (I will empower you with confidence)

  • Courage/Fearlessness (do something every day that scares you)

  • Friendship (Giiiirl...friendships are everything)

  • Overcoming Pain (we all experience pain, in many forms...I am going to help you through it)

  • Respect (the world would be a better place if we all practiced a little respect)

  • Health (emotional, physical and spiritual)

  • Self-sufficiency (Mamacita is going to teach you the importance of self-sufficiency)

  • Passion and Tenacity (let Mama T share a little Maltese passion and tenacity with you...oh I have a lot to say about tenacity)

  • Gratitude (this is the most powerful attitude to adopt)

  • Social Media (grab a hot lemon water girls, get comfortable, because I am going to let you in on a little secret about this thing called social media)

  • Comparison (It's an ugly beast, so stop it. Stop it now)

  • My favorite GIF's I send to my girls on the daily

  • Videos of me dancing in public, embarrassing my girls. Just be glad you aren't them.

These are just a few topics. I have plenty more (insert obnoxious evil laugh).

More About Me

Hi stars. I am Tricia (you can call me Trish, Mama T or Mamacita). I am the mother to two rock star daughters and two bonus rock star daughters. Being a mother is by far the most rewarding, challenging and significant calling I have ever or will ever experience. I don’t take it lightly. In fact, I am so passionate about being a good mom and raising my daughter’s to be self-sufficient, strong, kind women that it got me thinking. There are a lot of girls who don’t have moms or engaged moms or maybe their moms are going through some tough times and as a result there are girls going through this life that don’t have guidance or the motherly advice that we ALL need. I want to make sure all of you, whether you have strong, amazing moms or no moms at all, know that you...despite whatever you’re going through, you are stars and you’re beautiful. I am here for you girls. In addition to my blog where I will be available to you as a cyber mom, our foundation, the Beauty in Everything Foundation offers a number of tools and resources for those of you who just need something.

Being a mom has taught me more than anything I have ever pursued. In fact, being a mom has magnified my passion for children. I knew I would always pursue my passion for children, but it wasn’t until my youngest daughter, Allie, was two-years-old that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this passion. I wanted to empower girls. I wanted to encourage girls. I wanted to impact the lives of girls everywhere. It started two years ago when I launched my clothing line tailored to spirited girl, Crossing Arrows. Crossing Arrows was inspired by my strong-willed, spirited Allie girl.

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